Let me Introduce :)

C3 is about Connecting Creative Cultures together. This is my pursuit of expressions and ideas through words and pictures. It is also an attempt to learn this new form of media publishing, discuss media issues and look into the fascinating world of blogging.

C3 Creator

An object or idea can move into the realm of the priceless and becomes precious – VALUE

Branding… Core values… Perception; perceived value…

Building our DISTINCTIVE so that we can be CUTTING EDGE

Design thinking involves revelational trial & error, observes the world, identifies the patterns of behavior or cultures or human factors or relations, generates ideas, gets feedback, repeats the process, keeps on refining the product, creates value and makes each product different from what the market already has.

Anything new will always have RESISTANCE

Creating value for customers … Making them unique in the industry. Everyone knows that a company with the best design product or services or event normally leads the pack.

To develop VALUE in an organization, one must have talented people who work & play well together and who dares to be different; yet united. Having a good team is not enough; a good team basically copes and juggles as well… Most of the time, they just do what the boss wants (which is good) but they stop there… they don’t go the extra mile or push the boundaries…

This blog aims to collaborate or discuss a constant stream of ideas, products, communication, services, systems & experiences for others who didn’t know they need but will spend a premium for when they see the need.

This is c3. This is where ideas collide.


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