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I’ve always been interested in advertising and design. However, I’ve often wondered where I would be had I pursued that journey in my career. Although I was trained in product and industrial design, I decided later on to go into the world of TV and video production. After 9 years of staying in my “cave” producing and editing way into the dark lonely nights, I am starting to feel that there is more to life than this.


I was at a dinner event organised by a businessman group. In that dinner, the speaker Dr. Bernard talked about pursuing a life of purpose and in that intersection of life’s crisis is the where our talents meet the demands and needs of society. Hence, at that opportune circumstance lies our purpose.

So I was looking through a few advertising agency websites, and stumbled upon Ogilvy. My heart leaped as I saw “the intersection” word. I clicked on it to find Ogilvy’s blog. Their headline writes: The Intersection – Where ideas and issues meet.

the INTERSECTION: I am very impressed and intrigued with the blog that glues creativity and politics together. Their write ups relate to certain policy debates to issues of creativity and ideas that birth out of crisis.

I am so inspired to read more blogs and now that I have one of my own, I’m going to change my thinking. Challenge it. Mould it. Stretch it. Yes, I am going to change the way I look at issues and ideas. I do not want to stay in a rut, but rather create and express and perhaps one day find my intersection. My purpose.

David Ogilvy quote: “Encourage innovation. Change is our lifeblood, stagnation our death knell.”

Ogilvy's Quote


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