DDP: Document Design Principles

Here’s a south park video. I’m testing to link videos to my blog.

It is pretty easy to add links and most internet videos are 320×240 so that the size is big enough to be watched on the internet as well as small enough to download or upload, thus reducing waiting and buffering time.
In Reep, DC 2006 discusses many techincal writing principles and strategies for document design. In it, I also realised that headings and footers are important in identifying it for the reader as stated in Reep (DC2006). A logo indentifies the blog for the readers, thus I created my own logo on top of my blog heading so that readers can remember C3pio is about the 3 Cs – Connecting Creative Cultures.

 Writing a blog, one also has to keep in mind scanability and readability. The reason I choose a black background is so that white or grey text will stand out in contrast. This black background also separates videos and links. Parker (2003, p273) advises a few directions when designing a document which I try to incorporate into this blog:

* Avoid Multicolumn Layout – The main column consist of the text while the right column is used for navigational tools for the blog

* New Paragraphs – There’s normally no more than 3-4 sentences within a single paragraph to make reading easy. It is also not so academic and more informal so that people do not feel so intense while reading a blog.

* Typographic Contrast – The header is bigger, the colour use is normally on the opposite side of the colour chart from that of the background.

* Adding Text & Video called “hyperlinks” – This assist readers to locate specific materials as well as direct them to specific information.

 Thus, this is what I wanted to achieve by linking a video, in this case a cartoon about Mac vs PC.  It is a debate that has been around for a long time and it is done in a light hearted way for one to enjoy. :)


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