DDP: Document Design Purpose

Is design too important to be entrusted to designers?

I believe it is not so. Design (in this case document design) can help in business, technology and the social environment. The design fundamentals and research can be learnt in school, but the process of design within organizations can only be developed and discovered through time. Creativity applied to a purpose or design thinking is the fundamental value.

Document design has an important purpose as design has become a critical and strategic function in today’s evolving organisation. In G Kress and Theo van Leeuwen (2006 p.45) book “Reading Images” talks of how designing social action helps in narrating or representing image or visuals with a purpose to communicate and create a response. A good document design can be applied to almost everything and everywhere.

Organisations understand that design has more value than simply producing artifacts or facts. This design process or design development brings innovation, strategize and synergize about the future and it also identifies new market. Eg. Blogs and Ads for iPod which has become a lifestyle for consumers.

Thus, the purpose of design in document is about representations. Branding no longer just depends on mass advertising, but with new ways to connect with consumers; organisations now can learn about users and their culture.


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