DDP: Desired Design Perception

Perception is a very important term. How people perceive value and concept speaks alot about that person or the culture in which he or she is in. In Singapore, media and design is used very effectively to promote certain values and concepts which the government wants.

As Singapore is a small society of closely nit nation, to “rock the boat” could mean treading on dangerous waters. The Board of Film Censors (B.F.C) closely monitors and bans certain movies or programmes which it feels doesn’t contribute to the well being of the society. However, this censorship thingy is limited to a certain extend. B.F.C can stop DVDs from coming in, but many of these videos can now be watch via YouTube and downloaded via bittorrent sites.

I would like to discuss the notion of perception vs pre-conceived idealogies that govern and guide the motives and decision making within a nation that prides itself as being democratic and open. Take for example – South Park, which is ban here in Singapore. Many people here in Singapore will go to the extent to download it or watch it on YouTube because it has values and issues that one can identify or relate. Thus as much as B.F.C wants to block contents with censorship, it is becoming inevitable that this censorship is one of the main reason why the internet and YouTube is such a huge success. And now, everyone can help distribute info and content simply by hyperlinking to these informations. The pre conceived idea is that these cartoons by south park has bad content and therefore it is “safer” not to bring them in and to further safe guard the nation, we got to ban it. However, this move has created the desire to confront issues that were in the cartoon. A desire that no man can quench and with YouTube, it does create an opportunity for us in Singapore to watch it. Many of these videos goes beyond the internet. On many occassions, it starts conversations when I’m meeting friends and it sparks off meaningful conversations. Does it make me bad at the end of the day? I don’t think so, but it did make me a better well informed person. So is banning it do any good?

In schriver’s design theory, when one constructs aa blog or developing content – one important aspect is specific direction of how readers can and will interact with the document. How people create meaning from the visual and verbal content (Schriver 1997, p.362) will also determine how successful the blog is. Thus this is what this blog is about – Perception.


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