DDP: Desired Design Process

A friend of mine was chatting today and something caught my attention. The essence of that conversation goes like this…  “If art can effectively communicate emotions, capture attention, make someone laugh or cry, you have succeed…”

 I was reminded in my reading of Robert L Peters, 2006 p.30, of Communication Arts periodical stating that ‘Design is a key link in the value chain and it is about creating quality of life.”

That should be every designer’s desire with publications. Kress, G 1997 states that visualisation has a purpose in tansformation and affects values within cultures. Visuals have a way to represent, remake and reshape experiences.

 That process of designing comes with a designer’s desire to engage culture and have people relating to the messages or representations within the design document.

To touch the emotions is about having recollections, reordering, reconstitution and recontruction of past events (Kress, G 1997, p.69).


 Designs that touch the emotions will have a longer lasting impression. They will be successful as these messages and visual representations remain very much in a person’s experiences and memories.

 This is what we call … “kodak moments”.


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