DDP: Differentiation, Diversity, Personality

Every person has a distinctive personality. That’s how we are.

Every colour has a different function. That’s how it communicates.

Every race has certain characteristic that impact society. That’s how culture diversify.

Every man can make a difference. Our individuality brings us to higher forms of communication.


 May it be in architecture, typography, product design, document design or blogging… we can see the differentiation, diversity and individual personality in the way each of us communicate.

 It may be in colour or representations or signs or textual or words… in speech, in images, in writing or in music… we know that successful document design needs to have character and functionality. This is the Halliday’s metafunctional semiotic theory (G Kress and Theo van Leeuwen, 2006, p.228).

Within the web-base documents, the placement and structure of the “product” or “page” can make information more or less valuable. Visualization and connection to the audience can be more effective if text and pictures are in the right placements (G Kress and Theo van Leeuwen, 2006, p.186).

Every document have differentiation, diviersity  and personality. That is what makes it interesting and successful.


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