REflecting REpresentation & REconstruction


The entire process of creating this weblog was to understand the requirements and know-how of how blogs and design document works. It is about the design within the documents.

I reflected on the entire process of blogging and delibrated over the considerations and design aspects on how to be successful in blogging.

The more I discussed issues, the more I feel that it has been an awesome privilege and opportunity to study and learn the ways of how document works.

 I would like to thank Stuart Haines for his time and good will to impart knowledge in order for me to learn in the assignments that goes beyond the academic. Surely, blogging for me will not stop here, but will continue as I have found love in reflecting and discussing issues.

The picture is a representation: A droplet of idea can set ripples to the ocean of culture and impact society. The most interesting thing, is that you do not know where or how these ripples will move or go. Only by reconstructing it, will you know the full extend of how much that droplet of idea can impact every individual.


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