BRAND new day

Well, since I’ve completed my Design, Document and Publication module for my Communication & Media Management bacholars degree course, I might as well continue to blog and write…

It is a BRAND new day :) and that’s right… A Brand New Day means a lot of different things for different people. For some, it is a new beginning. For some, it is an opportunity for a fresh start. For some, it is to enjoy the warm of the morning sunrise, a refreshing splash of the oceans spray, an awakening of one’s senses.

Brand New Day

To me, in this brand new stage of my life… A BRAND new day is about BRANDING. BRANDing starts with an idea. And BRANDs do start a new day… a new chapter in life… it awakens the senses and adds a zinc to your life. Sometimes, like the ocean, it is a salt spray over your skin… at other times, it is joyfully warm with laughter but mostly, it is an illumination of an idea.

 At this present stage, I do feel the need to start my own branding. There is this sense of personal value that I ambitiously desire. “You” Inc. if you wanna call it. Nevertheless, as I progress, I realised that the place I am in has no more areas where I can grow. The brand that I so devotely work and fight for has somehow faded and I have come to be a more “jaded” person.

These last few weeks, I decided to take up a few freelance on top of my hectic schedule to break the mould and get out of the rut that I am in. With all the challenges, I rose up to them and as I ponder now, I realised that was the best thing I did in 20-07. Much more than the finances that have come in, the most important thing was to know my own personal value in the eyes of advertising agencies, production houses, and in the eyes of creative and art directors from other companies as to compared to my current managers.

It brings to me the fact that my value is definately much more than that which my current employer has projected me to be.

iBRAND has got to increase in value. In a world of globalisation and fast pace economy, I really wish to be able to learn more skills and abilities with just a memory chip… that way I can have a BRAND new image as well :)


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