Pitch (pit-sch)

Origin, history and sense-development

  1. To set in place
  2. To place or locate oneself
  3. To take up position
  4. To set in order
  5. To persuade in order to win
  6. To fix the value

Why it matters?

Life is not a pattern of gradually evolving improvement.


It is a long, fallow patches punctuated by moments of crucial change.

How you handle the long fallow stretches doesn’t matter much.

How you handle the moments of change is vital.

These big moments are not decided by chance

They are decided by how you handle them.

How you pitch your case is what makes the difference.

Life is a journey of 98% processes and 2% decisions

The 2% decisions are the moment where you really decide the success or failure of your destination.


I realized the KEY is about: Feelings

People’s judgment and their view of you (and your value) are not base on logical factors but on emotional factors:

Trust, confidence, hope, ambition, desire, passion.

 A cover letter and resume is pitching:

 A pitch does not take place in the library of the mind, it takes place in the theatre of the heart.

 Value > Pitch > Vision > Performance > Courage/Confidence > Passion > Persuasive > Commitment > Trust

 Illustration #1:

 Have you ever watched a house being built from scratch?

 For months, nothing seems to happen, and then suddenly the house is there.

 Those months = foundations being laid.

 When the base is properly in place, the rest is easy.

 Great pitches are designed not as information but as a story. Hi-Story


Illustration #2:

 Imagine you have to choose between 2 presentations:

 (1) Presentation with a good solution to your problem, but you lack trust and confidence in the presenter.

(2) Presentation has not yet got a convincing solution but, in spite of that, the presenter is inspiring.

 Experience tells me that I would back the man rather than the solution.

 They will rationalize:

Right Solution will never airborne if driven by wrong man; but right man will find the right solution even if he hasn’t yet gotten it.

 So how do we inspire confidence?

 Confidence vs Audacity (boasting)

 How do we look like a winner? How do winners behave?

  1. They set their sights high. They are ambitious
  2. They are pragmatic. They are not dreamers
  3. They concentrate on the few things that really matter
  4. They keep it simple


It’s not about boasting how big the ‘coke bottle’ but the big central idea of why you are selling the ‘coke’ (your content, your value)



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