The Ethics of Value

A concept I’ve taken years to learn from one of my teachers in life is:


Take heed what you hear

Take heed how you hear

It is not the content, but how you process it.


Whatever value you place on what you hear, will determine it’s power, influence and impact in your life.


Your productivity in your life depends on what and how you place the value on what you hear.


It depends on how you respond after you hear.


Whatever gets your attention gets you.


What’s your value rating in this course?


The resolution of the identity crisis is common to all human beings.

Who am I? Why am I? Here?


People do crazy things to discover who they are… from TV, celebrities, etc

So you become a chameleon…


Out of your identity comes your sense of value, sense of worth


Low self esteem comes when you don’t value who you are

And if you don’t value who you are > you want to become like other people


The marketplace is driven by VALUE

But people will NEVER value you as what you are… why?

Because people value you base on emotions




Born in Italy in 1644, Antonio Stradivari is considered to have been a disciple of Nicolo Amati. In 1660, Antonio set up shop on his own in Cremona, though his early violins are generally considered inferior to those of his “golden age”, between 1698 and 1720. While his techniques have long been fertile soil for debate and not fully understood by modern craftsmen and scientists.


A Stradivarius made in the 1680s, could be worth several hundred thousand dollars or more on auction, at today’s prices. Depending on condition, instruments made during Stradivari’s “golden period” from 1700 to 1720 can be worth several million dollars. Though relatively rarely sold, the highest publicised price paid was at public auction for The Hammer, made in 1707, selling for US$3,544,000 on May 16, 2006. Private sales of Stradivari instruments have exceeded this price.


It is not uncommon for violins to be labelled or branded “Stradivarius”, as the name has been used since by other manufacturers. However, it is generally believed that there are fewer than 700 genuine instruments extant, very few of which are unaccounted for.


The reputation of the Stradivarius is such that its name is frequently invoked as a standard of excellence





A valuable Stradivarius cello narrowly escaped conversion into a handsome CD rack after being found in a Los Angeles skip. The cello is one of only 60 by the 17th century Antonio Stradivari still in existence.


The cello belongs to the Los Angeles Philharmonic – Peter Stumpf, the cellist from whose porch the Stradivarius was stolen.


The LA Times says it was found by a nurse, Melanie Stevens, three days after a musician from the Philarmonic left it on his front step after coming home tired one Saturday night. She gave it to her boyfriend, a carpenter, who offered to turn it into a CD rack.


Almost as priceless as the cello is the home video security footage which shows it being stolen. Police said the grainy video showed a young man on a bicycle struggling to make off with the instrument, crashing into some dustbins on his way.


A hunt was launched and an anonymous donor put up a $50,000 reward for the return of the instrument.


It was only when she heard of the search that Ms Stevens looked inside the cello to find the maker’s label, dated Cremona 1684. She returned the cello to the orchestra, and said what the big deal about a cello is and said she will donate the reward to charity.


If you don’t know your value, you could end up in the trash bin…

And someone will bring you home and turn you into the most expensive CD rack!


If you do not know your VALUE, you may end up living your life on something cheap and not even knowing it.


Do you know how many people in life cheapen their lives?

When you don’t value anything in your life, you will not see the future because they do not know their true worth, talents and abilities?


Don’t you let anyone rob you of your VALUE!!!

Don’t you let anyone depreciate you in your VALUE!!!


There’s a world waiting just for you in this society


And quite often they don’t realise how valuable you are.


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