Digital Video Production

Video is about creating value.

It is a key link on how people will perceive a company / brand or an organization.


Planning a good story and editing a video to tell that story has many ways of making sense

It may be something significant, or a special moment for somebody or some organization.

Good animation and graphics can help with adding value to your videos

But good video starts long before you sit down to edit.

It begins with the camera – having good lighting and strong shots composition.

In this write-up, we will look through the lens to help you compose yourself so you can frame up and light up fantastic shots.


Tips, Tricks, Tools, Techniques, Technology for better shot composition

These days a lot of people doing video start off with computers not cameras.

Most Shooters today are self-taught; lacking basic knowledge and fundamentals in shot composition.

If you shoot by instinct, then you want to pay attention to this class, because I want to help you to shoot like a pro.

Tip #1 – The Rule of Thirds

A concept that every producer, director or editor should have to be successful.

Here’s how it works:

Grids & Framing

Imagine a tic-tac-toe grid laid over your subject in your view-finder going across the top and lower horizontal third as well as the left and right vertical third.

The rule is that objects should fall along these lines and at their intersections

When shooting a landscape, don’t position the horizon on the middle of the screen.


The shot looks better if you place it along one of the horizontal thirds, either top or bottom of the frame.

Why? Because this has been used by artist, photographers and videographers forever. It works and looks better, especially with people.


Line of Direction

Line of Direction


Tip#2  The Lines of Direction

Strong visual element

Directing the attention

When panning a subject, try to keep them on the trailing third line.

This gives room to move in the direction that he/she is heading.

Leaving the face to bump on the edge will make it look very awkward.

When shooting fast moving objects, try to keep the leading subject close to the leading head of the shot.

It is ok for someone at the back of the shot to fall out of frame , but not the leader.


There are some things that you just can’t fix in post, and shot composition is on the top of the list.

MYTH BUSTER: Best equipment cannot make up bad physical lighting.

Lighting is the number 1 factor in image quality. It doesn’t matter how good your camera or editing software is.

A bad lighting shot, compromises the entire quality and branding of the video.

Here’s 3 basic tips from my experience to help you light right.



Tip #1 – Shoot for 3 (3 point lighting setup)

KEY light – primary source of lighting that sets the mood of the subject.

FILL light – position opposite the KEY light to soften and fill in the shadows created by KEY light.

BACK light – (Hair light) is positioned at the back of the subject to create a distinction of the head and shoulders of the subject. Adds depth and separate the subject from the background.

Shoot for 3 adds a level of professionalism to your shots.

Tip #2 – Manage hard to light people


Glasses – mirrored reflection of the source light

Bald head – Hot spots across the forehead & cranium

Dark skin – Harsh highlights on forehead, nose, cheeks and chins

All these share the same problem – hot spots that is created by the lighting on the face.


Glasses: Move the lights UP and OUT

Move them further away from the subject till the reflections are gone.

Add a stronger FILL light to create a dramatic effect.

For Bald Heads & Dark Skin: Needs to be lit with very large and very diffused soft lights, placed as close as possible.

Extra Tip – Light the entire shot – Background.

NOTE: Camera sees the world very differently from the human eye. You will always need to use a monitor to adjust your lightings.

These 3 basic tips may not be sufficient for you to have good lightings yet, but I hope I have inspired you to start filming and laying a good foundation for your video production and applications.





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