NDP 2009: What do you see?

National Day always brings back memories and special moments of our nation’s history and achievements. It is a time to know our past and how we achieved independence amidst turbulent times. It is a time to celebrate our victories in defying the odds. It is a time to envision what our future is. It is a time to come together and reach for our dreams and aspirations.

Presidential Motorcade

Presidential Motorcade

 For me, it is a great honour and privilege to work with a professional team for this year’s National Day Parade. I am directing and doing the vision mix for the live screens at the Marina Bay Stadium. Being involved in this year’s NDP is more than just another experience; it is an opportunity for me to remember that everything I have learnt, the skills I have acquired, and the creativity I have honed through the years, is for me to give back to society in a meaningful way, in both my Singapore homeland and to Singapore Polytechnic CASS.

Someone once told me:” Some things in life are not just taught, but are caught.” I cherish this experience and knowledge that I have attained through working with the NDP committee, creative team and especially LTC Raja (Chairman of Communications & Multimedia for the NDP committee). These are the people pushing the limits and breaking barriers to create a better NDP production. Because of this teamwork, I have become a better producer and director to capture and play a part in making Singapore’s history together.

Directing the cameras

Directing the cameras

 Through my involvement in NDP 2009, it is my endeavour to become an exceptional teacher who not only imparts knowledge to the students, but one who will become an example and inspiration for them to go beyond what they learn in school. One simply cannot “teach” video production through theory alone. It requires a discipline of creativity and technicality. As you watch this year’s NDP, each picture and frame is meant to communicate the essence of our nation’s 44th birthday, so careful planning and directing is essential in order to capture these ignited moments.

The fact is that teaching as a profession requires more than just giving information through lectures. Teaching requires the ability to inspire the uninitiated, nurture the undeveloped and convey certain life values through examples. The difference between a good teacher and an exceptional one is this: A good teacher imparts knowledge and inspires learning, but an exceptional teacher goes the extra mile to help those who have yet to find his or her gifting and talents, and creatively develops that potential for the future of Singapore.

Fire in our hearts

Fire in our hearts

 In the heart of every matter lies this one truth—what legacy are we leaving for the next generation? What do we want them to learn from us? What do you see in the faces of your students each week?

What do you see?

For me, I see potential students that I can train and inspire with what opportunities have given me and someday see them leading, doing and reach for the stars. What better way for me as a lecturer in the School of Communication, Arts and Social Sciences to give art direction and convey a wealth of information through visuals to the crowd of 30,000 people in every weekend’s NDP rehearsals leading up to both the preview and NDP itself.


3 Responses to “NDP 2009: What do you see?”

  1. Wow Adrian, I’m looking forward to this National Day’s celebration on TV. I’ll 为你加油~
    You are shinning in the marketing place in this position.
    Rejoice again and rejoice!!!

  2. Hey Adrian, I watched NDP online without knowing the cameras and visuals were under your direction and I was telling Alvin how good NDP was this year!!! WOO HOO! Means you reallllllyyyy did a great job!

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