DMT Philosophy: Design.Media.Teach

My philosophy in life started with my education to be an industrial designer. Although I didn’t end up as a designer, design thinking has always been a embeded in me. Being a media producer in the last 10 years, I’ve seen how creativity triggers discomfort. I firmly believe that integrating the design thinking process into an organization will improve its competitive position.

In 2008, I felt that there is no better way to play a part in shaping Singapore’s Media industry than to teach in a school institution; a place where students are a prime position to learn and acquire skills that will propel them to become competent media professionals.

Any business today is strong because of its branding.  Organization needs to know that there is a need for “design thinkers” as an integrator and facilitator for innovation, a means to strategize the future, identifying new markets and developing new products, services or solutions. My endeavour is to grow in the area of design thinking,  media management and creative teaching. To learn to communicate and make a difference in the society we live in.

 Core values and perception in a brand is creating better chemistry with consumers through good PR with the help of integrating the design thinking process.

 A design or media manager must create direction and vision; not just in production and implementation. The media leader intelligently explains what is possible and makes it happen. This creates value for customers. I noticed the main reason clients hire a creative leader is because they want to be a market leader.

 Studying in media and design has taught me the importance of the development process – design thinking is one that includes trial and error, observes the world, identifies the patterns of behaviour, generates ideas, gets feed-back, repeats the process and keeps on refining it.

 To develop a “design” in culture, an organization must hire talented people, those who can collaborate on a constant stream of always improving products, communication, services, systems and experience for customers who didn’t know they needed it, but will spend a premium when they see the need. This was one of the reasons why I decided to move forward with my design background, media experience and my next step:  Teach.

 The last 2 years of teaching  the art of digital production, creative direction and conveying a wealth of information through visuals has been exciting. However in life, many of us will find that what’s on the other side of the rainbow is only but an illusion. There will never be a perfect system. Someday I’ll find it… I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it… There’s something that I’m suppose to be… Till then, I’ll keep dreaming about my DMT.


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