Was love so lost that it couldn’t be found?
Was love so blind that it couldn’t be seen?
Was love so wrong that it couldn’t be right?

Why do we hear each other never the way it is?
Why do we say things we can’t take back?
Why do we miss what we did not have?

Lost at staring at empty chair & blank pages…
Lost at reading letters I never could have write…
Lost at knowing love isn’t painless…

Is it worth the risk?
Is it worth the fight?
Is it worth the time?

Were we wrong?
Could we be right?
Or are we just lost?

What would it take to forget?
What would it take to remember?
What would it take to feel again?

Can we stop the rain?
Can we move the clouds?
Can we turn the tides?

Going down an unknown road,
Going through the dirty track,
Going up an uphill slope,

A time to live…
A time to die…
A time to lose…

We could be true to the heart…
We could point to each other’s fault…
We could be totally lost.


One Response to “LOST”

  1. Wow! Quite the poet here! :)

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