Is there a concept of cool?
How does one define cool?
Is it a characteristic?
It’s a notion that can change over time…

A state of mind?
An Attitude?
An aesthetic appeal perhaps?
An expression?
A composure in times of stress?

What is it’s origin?
An art movement from Europe?
Or gospel movement from America?
Rhythm & Blues?
Pop Art?
Funk & Soul?
Elvis or the Beatles?
Techno or Hip Hop?
Perhaps jazz or film noir?
Definitely pop culture!

Think Cool

Cool cannot be manufactured…
Only observed and discovered…
Cool can be exploited…
An artificial need? Empty ideas?
Rhetorically promising…

Cool is not easily defined…
It can be a knowledge…
A way of life…
A attitude of self assurance…

What are the laws of cool?
How does one measure a feedback like “cool”?
So how do you distinguish cool?
Cool – as in “not bad” cool?
Cool – as in “great!” cool?
Cool – as in “good” cool?
Cool – as in “bad-ass” cool?

Cool Statue

It’s the best way to say something is neat or awesome…
It’s a word to use when you don’t know what to say…
It’s when you are not interested in the conversation…
It’s when you do not have any knowledge of a subject…
It’s a simplified way of telling someone to shut the f* up…

It doesn’t go out of style…
It’s definitely better than awesome…
Because it transcends time and space…
But ultimately…
It’s better to have a comment “Cool”…
Than to have “not cool” or “un cool”


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