In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

On a lovely valentines day I once knew a babe, as sweet as she could be.
I never heard her speak, but yet I knew her lovely voice, her face, and her name.
Charlene – Oh what a beautiful name, what amazing grace has taken hold of you?
In heaven you lay, how sweet the sound. Perhaps one day, we will meet again,
To share all the loving memories, we could have had.


On any given day, I knew a dad. As brave as he can be, I never hear a complaint.
I’m sure it was painful, yet I knew in his eyes, his face and his name…
His love he had for me. Richard – Oh what a magnificent name!
What amazing grace has taken you too?
In heaven I hope you wander, as free spirited you’ve always been…
Perhaps one day, if we do meet again…
I’ll know where the birds chirp, there you will be.


On a lovely Easter day, I once knew a savior. As mighty as he is, he laid for me alone.
I never heard him speak, but yet I knew his voice, his face and his name eternally.
Jesus – Oh Son of God, what a glorious day this is. What amazing grace is this?
In heaven you now sit, in paradise of grace and love. Perhaps one day, we do meet…
Will you share all the loving memories with me that I wish I could have had?



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