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Does anyone remember? Really… do you?? Who remembers what each of us said? Words from the past sometimes wound the future Will time make us forget those tender moments? Where are the places we walked together? Who remembers those long walks? Deep within we know that in the end, time and truth collides As the […]

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The rustic feel of fallen leaves The drifting spin of watery tears The warm goodbye of “I’m gonna miss you” hug The beautiful smell of sweet perfume Some things are too fast Some lost are too great Some barriers are too strong Some feelings have no expectations Our love… How natural can it be? Our […]

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A Long Journey

A long journey of sleepless nights As I wait for the moon and finding my dreams The wind blows ceaselessly, yet I’m not tired… In the midst of pursued perfection for a destination yet unknown. Getting prepared for this time How do we end a race we didn’t complete? That joyous feeling of being together […]

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