Does anyone remember?
Really… do you??

Who remembers what each of us said?
Words from the past sometimes wound the future
Will time make us forget those tender moments?
Where are the places we walked together?

Who remembers those long walks?
Deep within we know that in the end, time and truth collides
As the suns set, there’s always a fear of what will become of us
Our hearts are at a loss and there’s no way back

Who remembers whatever had happened? Can it possibly be saved?
Perhaps each of us is waiting to explain our stories… but who will remember?
When did our friendship changed?
Within our eyes, the skies just looked different

Who remembers us ending here in crossroads?
You and me both
Haven’t we realized that we have had very opposite dreams?
Will we walk together ever again hand-in-hand?

Who remembers what was written in beautifully pen messages?
What was the color of the sea that day?
Will writing and telling make this dream any better?
Where do our weary hearts anchor in that once colorful sea…

Who remembers our sleepless nights?
Will listening to the cry of the sea…
And lamenting the hurting heart help make us better?
Or will the serenity of night leave empty dreams?

Who remembers the gentle breeze?
What happen to the tears of unbelief?
Or the promise that never took place?
Will being a sentimental color do any good?

Who will ever remember what was the feeling when we left?
Who will ever remember to bring back time?
Who will ever remember if it was true love?
Who will ever remember if it was just a friendship gone wrong?
Who will ever remember the journey or the destination?

Only the ones that goes through it will ever remember…
Only the scars of time will be remembered…
Only the departed will have their remembrance…
Only the if you have gone through it, will you remember.


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