Destination New York City

There’s a great quote that it’s all about the journey rather than the destination. So this is a summary of my journey. First stop is New York City – the great city that represents freedom. But before that, there’s a 25 hours flight and stop over at Dubai airport.

There’s always transit in life. A place where you end up waiting… waiting for something… someone… while you journey into your next destination, to whatever that destination.

What do people do in transit? Some find a place to stretch themselves. Others find relaxation or food or a time to recover. Some find toilets to ease themselves; perhaps that is why they call it “rest rooms”.

Yet there were many others who walk aimlessly, trying to pass time, or worst kill time. It’s a cruel way to waste one life away… For me, it was taking snap shots of moments. Moments of all these weary travelers going about their shopping spree at the duty free stores.

The Landing
To many, the beautiful & exciting part of a holiday is the ride – the journey. The 25 hrs flight was dreadful, the fastest way to kill any mood for enjoyment. The good part is that I was on the A380. Bigger leg-room and you get your own personal screen of entertainment. Six movies, four meals and 2 sunsets later, we landed at JFK terminal 4 with a loud thud that shocked everyone. It was a smooth ride, just a bumpy landing.

The landing made all the difference. It concluded the flight was good or bad. It was that moment of touch down that crystallized the journey. In life, many of such moments define the relationships we have with others.

There were pivotal moments… the turning point… the tipping point… the defining moment… we all had many of these in life. You can plan for a smooth journey, but never a smooth landing. Whether we can live with it is the question.


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