Wicked of Oz

Having loved the magical worlds of Narnia and Middle-Earth; I was spellbound by the untold story of the witches of Oz. The reason I was changed when I met Elphaba was the fact that it was original and very close to the human truth – that all things is not what it seems. Love is often misunderstood. Hopes & dreams don’t always come true. Yet in spite of it all, the most unlikely friendship and love develops.

It is also a different side of how the incorporates into the Wizard of Oz story which has captivated my heart when I was a kid. Each of us grow up wanting to be popular, accepted and fit in to the society and culture. But till we each find an identity we can call our own, we will always be just a follower… never exceeding to achieve our full potential.

Talents can be considered a curse; while being different is looked down upon. The power and freedom of speech is often frowned upon and the theme that the voice of the people should be caged up and silence is ever loud. So what does it take to be Ozian? Is giving the people what they want means deceiving them from one’s true intentions? How true it is when we reflect it to our own world… whose empty hearts follows everything beat of the Wizard.

No one mourns the Wicked and so very often, the wicked ones aren’t the evil ones at all… the story tells of how Elphaba’s opposition to the Wizard’s regime has earned her the title of the Wicked Witch. Another theme speaks of the concept of doing good… does doing good always bring rewards? The most interesting part that I felt was the part where Elphaba tried to save a friend who has lost his heart by transforming him into a Tin Man so that he could live… but in return, she got a bitter silver can who was ever willing to blame her more than thank her.

So what if we question and one day realize that all is not what it seemed? What if the wonderful Wizard of Oz turns out to be a tyrannical ruler of Oz? What if the dreams of “the Wizard and I” never came to pass? What is “Dancing through life” isn’t the best way to live? Do we then believe we could defy gravity? Do we still dream of wonderful? Is there any good deed?

What does it take to defy gravity? What does it take to be unlimited? I thought I knew the answer… but never thought it to be WICKED!


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