10 Frames of Love

Nothing feels better than connecting with 2 lovebirds over their pre-wedding shoot. I had an opportunity to work on this couple’s pre-wedding highlight video and it was a wonderful experience seeing them gearing up for the big day. Art directing to get that picture-perfect moment gives me an adrenaline rush. It is a mixture of art and science… A balancing act which takes a lot from one self. Putting it together is like cooking with so many ingredients, with endless possibilities… Making it seamlessly effortless is more than meets the eye.. in fact, it was “Heaven in your eyes”!

“Frames of Love” is about taking each frame from the moment of the video shoot and portraying that essence of love which I’ve experienced into words and pictures where I hope my sharing will touch and connect other people. Do enjoy “Frames of Love”!

The “Windows of Light” concept was a play of light rays emitting from the sun behind the National Museum of Singapore. It was a great moment too good to be missed!

“Beams of Sunshine” was also a special moment. I decided that the couple should be on either end, making little gestures to the other. The motion of teasing each other was a kind of seductive yet fun element that enhanced the couple’s experience.

This was the best spot in the National Museum… with very good lighting from the windows. The moment was surreal. The “Spiral of Life” staircase was very inviting and reminded me of life’s connections we make throughout time (age) and space (places). That’s how I like to look at life… it’s always about connection & interaction.

“Lady Bug” has a story to it. It’s always something close to my heart as my own wedding car was a VW Beetle! There’s something about this car that brings a smile. In this instance, a play on the couple’s faces helped to create a new dimension to the story… In a way, our reflection always tells us who we are: that we have a past but now, it shows us a new life with someone we love.

Now how can we forget “The Proposal”? It’s always a leap of faith… For better or worse… whatever it is, it always does one thing: It melts your heart.

The “Music of Time” is about a celebration of the couple’s life together. Music is a window to the heart. That’s why in every movie, love story, wedding, or worship, music is present. This shot portrays the connection of music with time… and with time, relationships get better when we are willing to make music with our lives.

“Rain or Shine” – we are going to stick together. For this picture, I decided to use a slow shutter speed to capture the spinning umbrella. What better way to portray a love story between 2 people who are willing to weather the storms of life together! Marriage is not a one-time event, it is a lifetime of commitment for two very different people.

“No Entry” was a very apt word for these two who have decided to set out to create and join their worlds together. In intimate moments, two is a company but three is a crowd!

Play by your rules and live the dream… come “Fly with Me” – It is a new adventure… a new life… a new dream. I wish them all the very best and happiness forever… live long and prosper!


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