Singapore has changed so much the last 2 decades. In a span of 20 years, we see places like Marina Bay blossoming into a garden. This is what our founding father – Mr. Lee Kuan Yew envisioned – to have a “City in the Gardens”. With the population reaching more than 5 million, and a third of it being from overseas, Singapore is fast becoming a vibrant melting pot of cultures in South East Asia.

Some may say that Singapore is not “Home” anymore and they long for the “old” places and the “old” Singapore (the peaceful, simple little fishing village where everyone knows everybody). In that time and place, there are so many favorite places which we can frequently go to and take refuge. Personally for me, growing up in the 70s, 80s and 90s were one of the most exciting times… This was the generation which saw the biggest change and transformation in Singapore. Many of the places we once knew were torn down and perhaps renovated… Today, many of the roads and buildings have transformed and become totally unrecognizable.

However, through it all, as Singapore turns 47 this year, I, like many other Singaporeans, will celebrate and move on. One thing we can always cherish is our family … And this is the core of the “HOME” video which resonates with the theme of family, love and new beginnings. Because only when we see and embrace the future can we truly enjoy our life. Only when we embrace our past can we truly love our life. Only when we embrace the present can we truly appreciate the moment.

(Technical Note) The last month has been a special month for me as I collaborated with Singapore’s National Parks, National Heritage Board and Sony Singapore to film and document the changing landscapes in Singapore with the new Sony NEX-FS700 camera. This camera packs a 35mm sensor which records up to 240 frames per second and gives a visual treat with its slow motion feature. There are more reviews of this camera here: http://philipbloom.net/2012/04/02/fs700/

Here is the visual montage of “Home” – A dedication inspired by our beautiful city. Once again, I would like to say that this video is made possible by Sony Singapore who loaned the new Sony NEX-FS700 and allowed us the freedom to create. Special thanks also to NParks & NHB for allowing us to film and document a part of Singapore’s history.

May these memories always be a part of us.


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