Archives are the memories and an extension that makes us who we are. It is the windows to our souls… In the first PLACE… our memory IS what we are. This week, I had the opportunity to be a part of the International Congress of Archives. It’s a once in 4 years event where all the worlds archivist and archives come together for a party… well not so much as a party as I imagined it to be :) and from one session to another endless sessions, my mind begins to wonder about memories.

In the first PLACE… now that brings to mind that if we go back to the beginning of time… when there is not machine… no computer… no photography… no camera… then the only thing that we have are the visuals in our minds which made us who we are. Those visuals were through various events placed as drawing in caves… part art… part science… but the beauty of it all, was that those cave drawings lasted more than any paper records or digital file for that matter. It’s nice to remember speakers… new contacts… shopping list… I like to believe that people with great memories have great gift and talents (though it is not totally true)… Great memories are learnt and great are the ones who think of the future.

We remember when we pay attention… We remember when we are engaged… We remember when we experience… We remember when it is meaningful… We remember when it is transformation… We remember when it is colorful… We remember when it is significant… We remember when it is important…

These memories force a sense of “mindfulness” … it is a sense of in-depth experience. This is how stuff is made memorable. Our lives are the sum of our memories… how much are we willing to lose from our short life by using technology replacements such as iPhones, cameras and computer data to help us capture? How often do we use our memories? And the questions goes back to the first PLACE – our memories! If we want to have a memorable life… then the question to that my friends – is a PLACE to remember.


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