Ship of dreams

We all know that life is a journey and that journey begins with how we steer our ship. Hence we often hear that a man without a goal or purpose is liken a ship without a rudder. There’s also many other quotes that talks of a boat… a ship… it’s sail… the water its in… the storm around it… all these becomes analogies.

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One of the quotes from Kevin Eubanks tells us of inspiration which is one thing we cannot control and it’s hard work that keeps the ship moving. The bible also talks of its significance. Jesus step into the boat of Peter’s life and it changed him forever. On another occasion, Jesus calm the storm in a boat while yet another time he gave the men a boat load of fishes which many term it “boat-sinking” increase of one’s life.


Life is an ocean but it can also be a stream… it all depends on how you create your dream to be. How we build it determines our true destination which is not marked on any chart or treasure map. We navigate it through the shores of our heart… steering through the storms of life.

It doesn’t matter whether your are in a love boat, life boat, friend-ship or any relation-ship… The ship of life will always be safe in a harbor… however it is not mean to be or stay in the harbor. Ships are built for greatness meant to go the distance and across oceans. But what do you do when you hit a coral reef and got shipwrecked? Or when the storms of life comes and beats you down.


For a few years I was in such a state where my life seemed to be a shipwreck. I was going no where and worst of all, can’t seem to repair that dream. Finding the means to rebuild my purpose seems totally impossible. Somehow there seemed to be no hope.

Everything started to change the moment the breeze of grace came gushing in. What we thought was impossible, with grace all things became a possibility. When grace stepped into the shipwreck, it transforms it.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 10.04.05 PM (Screen Shot of Titanic – Photograph by Emory Kristof, National Geographic)

Shipwrecks has value! Look at the Titanic… it did not just became a time capsule with impressive array of preserved artifacts, it became great life lessons to maritime engineering in history. It also became a story that later became a movie which won many awards.

Shipwrecks also provide homes for all manner of marine life and corals. Many research and recovery projects have helped give rise to underwater archaeology where the study of bygone civilizations have been found.

Today, if you go to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London, you can find artifacts and parts of the RMS Titanic.

Philidelphia | Day 1

We all make a choice and some do choose to be a pirate ship. A pirate ship steals, kills and destroy other lives. Pirates aren’t men without honor. In fact, there is a pirate’s code on how each loot would be divided, who had to what and what was expected of everyone.

Conditions have to be just right for piracy to boom. First, there must be many able-bodied staff/crew who are willing to work and desperate to make a living for a cause.These may consist of people who are in-debted or can’t do anything in the marketplace as they have little skills or talent. There must be shipping or commerce lanes or networks nearby, full of ships that carry passengers or valuable cargo and crossover the seas. There must be little law, government or control.

In honest work, life is tough, the wages are low and the work is hard. In piracy, there is plenty of loot, it’s fun and easy and we are free, powerful and can be discreet or transparent. Who, when presented with this choice, would not choose piracy? The worst that can happen is you can be hanged or jailed – that is when you are caught.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 10.58.53 PM

For pirates to prosper there must be a safe haven where they can go to re-stock, sell their loot, repair their ships and recruit more men. In the early 1700’s, the British Caribbean was just such a place. Around 1717 or so, England decided to put an end to the pirate plague. More Royal Navy ships were sent and pirate hunters commissioned.

Interestingly, the most effective weapon, was the royal pardon.It was grace not law that was the solution! It offered for pirates who wanted out of the life, and many pirates took it which results in the declined of piracy.


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