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Ship of dreams

We all know that life is a journey and that journey begins with how we steer our ship. Hence we often hear that a man without a goal or purpose is liken a ship without a rudder. There’s also many other quotes that talks of a boat… a ship… it’s sail… the water its in… […]

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The rustic feel of fallen leaves The drifting spin of watery tears The warm goodbye of “I’m gonna miss you” hug The beautiful smell of sweet perfume Some things are too fast Some lost are too great Some barriers are too strong Some feelings have no expectations Our love… How natural can it be? Our […]

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Colour My World

My life story of adventure starts with letting go. Letting go of the people I grew up with… letting go of the places I’m so comfortable with… letting go of the financial stability of boring jobs… letting go of the love & friendship… This is not the end nor is it the beginning. It’s not […]

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