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Digital Media Technique

Organization Design is organization (P. Evans & M.A, Thomas, 2008, p.155). Organization is life. Life is about dreams and ideas. To some, a dream could be to walk the streets in the city of lights, others to swim among vivid coloured corals, surrounded by schools of fish. The idea of a “big dream” is: “What […]

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Reading Review – ‘Tension and Creativity: Singapore’s Media in Transition’.

  ‘Tension and Creativity: Singapore’s Media in Transition’. Ang, Peng Hwa. (2000).   In the reading of ‘Tension and Creativity: Singapore’s Media in Transition’, Ang Peng Hwa aims to paint a backdrop of the coming changes in the Singapore media scene. With the light of a transitional stage of a country there she listed three […]

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