Message in a bottle

How long must I wait for love?
Will distance make love drift away?
Is being out of sight really out of mind?
Will love & trust ever sway?
Where can I find that happy trail again?

Happy Trail

Does it matter how many miles apart we lay?
Is staying the distance make it better?
Or counting the days makes it worst?
What about a chance today?
How do I mend that which already is torn?

True Religion

In my heart, I am lost at beautiful you…
Look at the stars, and how they shine for you…
Of all the things I’ve done, I’ll cross the line for you…
How do I stop thinking, I think I’ve fallen for you…
Maybe if I wait here by the rainbow, will I see you?

Rainbow Connection

Can this love withstand the distance?
When absences comes to play and the heart grows fonder,
Do we think of each other more so each day;
How can I deliver this message in a bottle?
It seems like those days are gone and it’s just a dream.


Far and away this love is …
If only we make it a point to talk …
So that the love never rust …
It’s all about a little trust …
It’s all about a little chance …
Just to hear your voice again …
Before all turns to dust!


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