Colour My World

My life story of adventure starts with letting go. Letting go of the people I grew up with… letting go of the places I’m so comfortable with… letting go of the financial stability of boring jobs… letting go of the love & friendship… This is not the end nor is it the beginning.

It’s not what I’ve planned for in my life and it’s out of my control. It’s like holding to something invisible, living at the mercy of pain and fear. All my life I’m waiting for something, someone or some kind of miracle to happen. However complicated things are, one thing I never give up is passion.

Passion leaves something behind. It imprints itself into our hearts like a trademark. If you listen to the tone of passion and the rhythm of obsessed infatuation, you will hear the sound of excitement and enthusiasm. Passion-less-ness is like the getting stuck in some place up on a tree and not going anywhere in life.

I want to run… and I want to hide… I want to tear down those walls that hold me inside. I want to touch the flame and feel the sunlight on my face. I want to build and be blown by the wind. Trampled over and burn down. And when I go there, I’ll finally the dawn breaks and light shines through.

Even the best falls and wrong words seem to rhyme. Colours of the stars may refuse to shine. We may be out of place, but out of every doubt, we will somehow find our colour of passion; just like the little houses at Brighton – They cheer you up every single time, no matter if it rains or shine.

Yea, being brave to connect to different cultures has been the best thing that I’ve done in the last 3 decades. From misty bays in Hanoi to colourful sandy beaches of Melbourne wishing I had all the means to trade my life for this. To sail to beautiful lit docklands coast, reflecting colours of lights at dawn.

Flying at the speed of light, thoughts span a cross my mind. There are many things left unsaid. It is hard to let go, but I know what it takes to move on… I know the feeling of love… and holding on to something I haven’t got: The colours of the world!


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