Dandelion Promise



Dandelion next to the fence in my school,
A scene that had vivid memories…
An afternoon nap… cicada noise from the playground…
After so many years, it still sounds so good.

Folding up the dreams into a paper airplane…
Sending it as a letter…
Waiting for that meteorite…
Throwing the coin and deciding our fate…
Seriously, I don’t know where I can go…

A promise made when growing up…
It was so clear…
I believe we made a pinky promise…
We said we would go on holiday together
But nowadays,
It’s only willful persistence.

In the corridor where we stand…
Our punishment & our slapped hands
Yet we only pay attention to the dragonfly by the window.
Wherever I go, you will follow very closely
Lots of dreams are waiting to be fulfilled.

A promise made when growing up…
It’s so sincere!
There’s one time, I can’t stop chatting to you…
Though I can’t tell the difference,
Whether you are friendship or love I missed out on.

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Vincent Fang (方文山) (方文山)


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