I feel you Singapore

Decided to to a bit of research on how the internet committee within Singapore is feeling this last few weeks. Here are my findings based on 300-400 blogs which were generated by Singaporeans.

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Survey on how Singaporeans feel_June2010

It’s amazing to see 6.1 times the normal level of people are feeling TIRED in Singapore. So are Singaporeans really over worked?

5.6 times the normal rate goes to people who feel like crying which makes us almost 2% of the people surveyed. This happens to number 2 spot. Is this related to the shocking controversy that has plague Singapore in recent weeks?

Almost the same number at spot#3 are people who feel blessed with 5.2 times.

Very interestingly, we see the same number of people feeling lazy and accomplished.

There is a big drop about feeling safe in Singapore. Noting the drop from 4.9 to 2.8. This may be the effects generated by the buzz of the SMRT graffiti and security breach case? Singaporeans are equally feeling sad and happy on this issues…

Another set of figures shows a lot of lonely and lost people in Singapore. This is why we need to have a multi-religious society to satisfy those needs.

These are merely my observation and any resemblance are purely coincidental. Research done with the help of “We Feel Fine” by Jonathan Harris.


Recently my cousin Joel asked me about what is the “Normal level” which is actually the average stats or mean figure based on the number of people who blog about how they feel in SG. You can try it out with the API of We Feel Fine website.

Also wanted to update that as of 2012, TIRED has become the 20th Spot with 13,834 people in Singapore of all ages and gender from 2005 to 2012… and now BETTER is the no.1 Spot with 128,155 people in Singapore feel better with something or someone.

At the no.2 spot, 93,390 people feel BAD and at no.3 spot, 76,610 people feel GOOD. Here are the data from We Feel Fine:

The good part of using We Feel Fine is that it actually has a “murmur” function to capture all the sentences of the people in the specified fields… in this case, Singapore: Male & Female: All age group: from 2005 to 2012: under all kinds of weather: Feelings

Here’s a snap shot! Thanks Joel for taking the time to read my blogs and bringing up this wonderful topic again… it’s refreshing to catch up and chat :)


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