The rustic feel of fallen leaves
The drifting spin of watery tears
The warm goodbye of “I’m gonna miss you” hug
The beautiful smell of sweet perfume

Some things are too fast
Some lost are too great
Some barriers are too strong
Some feelings have no expectations

Our love… How natural can it be?
Our love… How can we communicate?
Our love… How do we have to leave it as it is?
Our love… How could you not love me?

Falling down the cliff for love
Fallen too deeply that I can’t climb up
Falling at the speed of light
Fallen too late for what the future holds

Your love lingers on
My breathing rhythm fails
Control is what I cannot have
As I have fallen down this cliff of love

Recalling your beautiful scar
Foolishly I’m eagerly waiting
Thinking that you will come by this way
Your face slowly fades away

Only time will soon bury me
Disappearing too fast I cannot bear
Why do we say goodbye
Only to find we want each other more

Your smile always on my mind
Can I bear this pain for eternity?
Where do I find another longing hug?
These hands can’t forget the warmth of your touch

My heart falls to pieces into the future
I can’t pick any heartbeat from the past
Friendship was meant to build on trust
Yet falling deeply down the cliff of time
I can only love what was not meant to be


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